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Spring is in the Air...and in the Classroom

Who's ready for green grass, birds chirping, blooming flowers, and best of all...spring time Math Pixel Arts? Qwizy's Spring Pixel Art Mystery Pictures are the perfect activity to begin new growth, weed out the misconceptions, and make room for something beautiful to happen in your students learning process. Additionally, each set is also digital ready. This means all our Spring Pixel Art Sets come with instructions for teachers and students to utilize them via Google Drive and/or Google Classroom.


The Easter bunny has brought us Pixel Arts

Need a fun activity for your kids after they have found all the Easter eggs? Qwizy's Easter Pixel Art Mystery Pictures are an eggcellent way to incorporate math for the hoppy holiday. You can print them out for your classroom, or assign them digitally via Google Drive/Classroom. All our Easter Pixel Art Sets come with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for how to use them for distance learning.


160 Different Math Mazes to increase Student Engagement

Math Mazes have been around for a while, and the reason is...they work. It is not just another random worksheet to hand to your students. A math maze presents each child with a fun and exciting activity for them to work through as they practice their math skills, and Qwizy's Math Mazes guarantee each of your students will be working on a different maze thereby guaranteeing individual work. Let's take a look at why these creations work so well in Math class.


Cut & Paste Activities from Elementary Math to AP Calculus

Everyone likes to have fun in math class with a cool and crafty Cut & Paste Activity...even us big kids. Well, you are all in luck since Qwizy's Cut & Paste Activities cover math concepts ranging from Adding and Subtracting Positive Integers to evaluating Derivatives and Integrals in AP Calculus.


Arcade Pixel Arts are Digital Ready

Let's bring gaming to Math Class with Qwizy's Arcade Pixel Art Mystery Pictures. Everyone can partake in this engaging math activity because our Arcade Pixel Arts are available for 2nd grade up to AP Calculus. Additionally, each Pixel Art set is digital ready, meaning each product comes with a link to step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos for how teachers and students can utilize them via Google Drive and/or Google Classroom.


Math Matching Games for St. Patrick's Day

Who needs the luck of the Irish when you have Qwizy's St. Patrick's Day themed matching games instead? The 5 different versions inspire independent work and also encourages students to help each other, thus inspiring math talk in your classroom.


St. Patrick's Day Pixel Arts for all Grade Levels

You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's day! Qwizy's St. Patrick's Day Pixel Art Mystery Pictures gives everyone a chance to find their own pot of gold while engaging in fun math activities. All of our St. Patrick's Day Pixel Arts are available for 2nd grade up to AP Calculus, and are a creative way to celebrate the best March holiday.


Super Hero Pixel Arts - Distance Learning Compatible

Who wouldn't love for a Super Hero to help them through their math lesson? For one of these fun math activities, check out Qwizy's newest Pixel Art sets themed around Super Heroes. Each set is also digital ready, meaning they come with instructions for how teachers and students can utilize them via Google Drive and/or Google Classroom.


3 Fun Valentine's Day Math Activities for all Grades

Learn three different ways to bring Valentine's Day into your math classroom regardless of what grade you teach. Engage your students with our fun and festive Pixel Art Activities, Matching Games, or BINGO in your math classroom on February 14th.


Super Mario Pixel Art Mystery Pictures

Are you looking for a fun math activity to begin reviewing for your end of year exams? If so, Qwizy has the best unique activities for you and your students. Take a look at these Super Mario Pixel Art Mystery Pictures. They will be the perfect mechanism for you students to review as many old concepts as you need and not to mention a fun and creative homage to the classic video games we all know and love.


Matching Games that Include 5 Sets of Different Questions

With 5 different versions of each card set, it is easy to scatter them around the room and discourage dishonesty. It is amazing to be able to set your students on the task and be able to watch them as they try their best to matching up the questions and answers correctly. This also allows for ample time for you to spend helping the students that are struggling with the concepts.


Engaging Valentine's Day Matching Activities

Do you need of a Valentines Day Math Activity for your class? If so, you have to check out Qwizy's Valentine's Day Matching Games. They are fun and engaging, but best of all they inspire collaboration and conversation in your math classroom.


5 Fun Valentine's Day Pixel Art Activities

Are you in the need of an engaging and fun Valentines Day Math Activity for your class? If so, you need to check out Qwizy's Valentine's Day Math Pixel Art Mystery Pictures. Teachers have commented on the activities effectiveness and how they encourage math talk in their classrooms.


Math Memory Games for the Classroom

Our Math Memory Games are the perfect activity to incorporate retrieval practice in your classroom, thus helping your students master the content you are presenting them. Retrieval practice occurs when students recall something in their mind. Research shows this process has a more powerful effect on students than when they are just rehearsing or reviewing material.


Pixel Art Mystery Pictures - Holiday Themed

Pixel Art Mystery Pictures give your students a chance to experience the fun and engaging holiday themed activities that are not always available for upper grade level math courses. They range from 2nd grade math up to AP Calculus and are available for most of the major holidays.


Bingo in the Classroom

Bingo games are a great way to review past content, provide your students with extra practice, and reinforce repetition. Additionally, everyone knows Bingo is fun and engaging for you and your students. So what other review method could be more perfect for your classroom?


Christmas Math Activities

Finally, Christmas math activities for upper grade levels that are just as "cool" as elementary stuff. Checkout these Christmas Math Pixel Arts, you get 130 Unique Activity sheets in each set!


Introducing Qwizy

Qwizy materialized from the realization that our students need more stimulating activities to comprehend the concepts we are teaching them. So far the activities we have include: Bingo, Memory, a Jeopardy style Quiz Game, a few Doodle Notes, and Holiday Themed Pixel Arts.