Some information about Qwizy Welcome to Qwizy!

For about a decade I had the opportunity to teach at an inner-city magnet school in a Title I school district. During this time, I taught a wide variety of classes consisting of PreAP Chemistry, PreAP Algebra I, PreAP Algebra II, PreAP Geometry, PreAP and Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC. I began my jorney with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry, and while teaching I recieved my Master’s of Science in Mathematics.

My classroom operated in many different ways while I searched for how to best reach my students. I began with direct instruction at first, transitioned to a flipped classroom, and finaly landed on an inquiry-based method of instruction in my upper grade levels after the studetns showed resiliance with being independent learners. During my flipped classroom and duirng inquiry based learning the students learned to lean on each other and began to discovered the new material they were learning together as opposed to being told how to do it by their teacher. These methods of instruction relied heavily on the types of materials I was giving the studetns to work through. Not only the primary sources to instruct the student, but also the supplemental resources I provided them to give my students the ample amounts of practice time they needed. This is how Qwizy was born.

Now I am a teacher author and I am sharing all the resources I created and am currently mass producing with you. The success I saw from implementing these resources in my classroom taught me the importance of different teaching strategies and various techniques that should always be incorporated in the classroom to allow for enough time for the students to actually learn the materials you are presenitng them. The discovery method of learning requires a large variety of differentiated instructional materials for each lesson you intend to have the students persist through so you can reach all students, no matter their level. This is why most of my resources consist of multiple different problem sets for teachers to use in their classrooms however they see fit.

Qwizy is currently a site where I blog about exciting math ideas, share my insights, and sell math activities using my TPT store. All of my content was created using our generators made specifically for teachers. Our generators have the ability to quickly create BINGO Games, Matching Cards, Pixel Art Activities, Memory Games, Mazes, and more for any math teacher to use in their classroom. The idea is that these generators will cut down the amount of prep time involved in creating the activities, so teachers can focus more on when and how you would like to use them in your classroom to get the students more involved in the learning process. The key idea here is our activities are not created to just to fill extra time in your classroom, they are meant to give your students time they need to work through the concepts without a teacher explaining each step along the way. The activities give students a means to learn the material individually and thus grasp the ideas more clearly. Read more about Qwizy on our Blog, or browse through my activities on our TPT Store below.